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$5,000 guarantee: New technology to keep animals away from your car

Deer in Road

$5,000 guarantee: New technology against roadkills

Thanks to a smart animal warning whistle, driving is made safer than ever before. The innovative VIONN GO is a super solution, using a built-in motion sensor that monitors the movement of the car and a built-in speaker to signal wildlife. The innovative product has already been launched in the US.

DO YOU EVER DRIVE DOWN A DARK ROAD THINKING… ”MAN WHAT IF I HIT A DEER OR SOMETHING ELSE” Or has it ever happened to you? Thousands of dollars in damage, emotional repercussions, and a wrecked car. Introducing VIONN GO!

The number of roadkill in the US is more than 1 million incidents every year. Personal injury rates in the accidents are in the tens of thousands, and collisions are estimated to cause more than $8 billion in property damage in the US. The average insurance deductible is $500. The unit more than pays for itself.

Until now, drivers had to take their chances when it came to animals jumping on the road in front of them. With no real solution to the problem, roadside fences and game crossing paths have not brought the anticipated breakthrough.

But drivers can now get behind the wheel with a greater peace of mind, thanks to the arrival in the US of the first smart animal warning device, which uses a special, previously unknown technology to keep animals away from the vehicles arriving – without traumatizing them.

How does it work? The VIONN GO whistle emits a special audio frequency developed by the manufacturer, which is found disturbing by the animals, signaling a vehicle’s arrival to the wildlife.  Animals will stay away from the source of the sound. The device is one of the most significant innovations in 21st century transportation, yet it is simple to install and get up and running.  Once the product is registered on the website, it simply needs to be attached to the chassis of the car and no more worries about road kill for the rest of your life.

The operational principle of the invention is the built-in motion sensor that monitors the movement of the car and is automatically activated when the car starts. On the move, VIONN GO sends out signals to the animal world to alert them, thanks to the built-in speaker.

The huge innovation, never seen on the market before, is that VIONN GO turns on at a lower speed compared to wind-powered products. Even more, because it’s for all seasons, you can travel safely every day of the year.

The super gadget has already been proven in testing in several countries and its effectiveness is unquestionable. The reliability of the product is demonstrated by the fact that the manufacturer offers a $5,000 guarantee for incidents, to cover the costs incurred, reimbursed by the company.

The product, many drivers secretly hoped for, is now available for pre-order in the US, on the company’s official website.

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