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2021 Wild Turkey Season – Opening Morning

Another Wild Turkey season is off and running this morning.

Collin Cottrell came down last night and this morning went to the Condo area to bowhunt wild turkeys.

I waited in the woods west of my house. There is a nearby pond tucked into the tall trees on my neighbor’s property. I can’t hunt on his place but I have called the pond gobblers over to my place. After daylight  they gobbled. I yelped away and soon I heard them move across the area to the north.

Half an hour later Collin texted me a picture he took at the Condo (see the featured image above).

I waited excitedly to find out what had happened. Then I received this picture.

Dead Wild Turkey with Arrow

The first gobbler of the 2021 season was tagged and ready for the soon to be breaded and put in the hot oil in the frying pan.

Ok, I’m very busy with today’s happenings and there is more to say about Collin’s hunt and the other things that have come down so far today, plus there are a few cool pictures I have to add.

So, hang on for a bit and I will add what needs to be added. To Be Continued…


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